Corona As of today are in the United States

Corona As of today are in the #United #States

Infected: 1,559,750
Recovered: 297,628
Deceased: 92,333

The infection has thus far left 389,691.

What is the death rate?
92,333 of 389,691 = 23.69% !!!

The people who are not infected cannot be taken into account either by those who have recovered or by those who have died.

So are still infected:
1,559,750 – 389,691
= 1,169,789 people.
These 1,169,789 people will later either have recovered or will be considered by the deceased.

If one assumes that 23.69% of these people also die, this is an additional 277,168 deaths.

The death rate in the US would then be from today

92.333 + 277.168 =
389,501 people.

The following assumptions are taken into account:

  1. There will be no medication in the next 4-6 weeks
  2. The number of infected people is no longer increasing.
  3. The weather conditions do not change or have no influence

Why are there so many infected and dead in the United States ?
Here are the reasons:

  1. Health care and preventive care are significantly worse in the #USA than in #Germany.
  2. There are approximately 50 to 65 million people without health insurance in the #United #States. The abolition of #Obamacare has contributed to the fact that health care is also much worse. This also means that the immune system is much worse than, for example, in Germany.
  3. #Trump had played down the pandemic for a long time. Valuable time was lost and the pandemic was given.
  4. Trump wants to open all shops again at the moment and incite the people in the states who want to comply with restrictions.

Trump has played down everything for too long and is responsible for a large part of the dead.
There is certainly a self-interest behind it.
Reason: Trump handed over his own hotels and golf courses to his son. The cost is huge. The interest payments are also significant.
How long the assets will be financed remains open.
In the meantime, one of the lenders – Deutsche Bank – has been asked to defer.

American citizens are increasingly seeing through Donald Trump’s rhetoric and self-interest.

In addition to the dead, it should not be forgotten that the US has over 30 million new unemployed.
With around 155 million people in employment, 20% are suddenly unemployed !!!

How is it compared to Germany?

Infected: 177,825

Recover: 155,614
Deceased: 8,193

So 163,807 people are already done.

8,193 of 163,807 died = 5.00%

The following are still open:
177,825 – 163,807 = 14,018 people
If one assumes that 5% of 14,018 also die, then this is another 700 people who are likely to die.

The total death rate in Germany would then be 8,893 people.

Comparison USA – Germany:
Population: 328.2 million – 83.02 million
Infected: 1,559,750 – 177,825

Recovered: 297,628 – 155,614

Currently: 92,333 – 8,193

Death rate: 23.69 – 5.00%

Probably from all currently infected

389.501. – 8,893

In addition to the comparatively quick response of the German federal government, the German health insurance system is also responsible.

In Germany there is a health insurance obligation, so that everyone has health insurance.
In certain cases, you can also take out private insurance.
The minimum benefits are prescribed by law in the statutory health insurance.
Those who have private health insurance can also insure additional benefits.
Due to the competition between statutory and private health insurance, the benefits in the statutory health insurance cannot simply be reduced, since many statutory health insurers would prefer to take out private insurance.
In other European countries there is often no private health insurance (only as an additional agreement).
That was also the reason why the European countries of Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France have significantly more deaths than Germany.

Corona test
Trump claims that the United States is the most tested worldwide, which is why the number of people infected is so high.

The United States has 328.2 million residents
Germany has 83.02 million inhabitants.

The USA thus has 3.95 times as many inhabitants as Germany.

By May 13, 2020, the U.S. had performed a total of 10.217 million tests.
Germany had until May 10, 2020 in total
3.147 million tests performed.

If you divide 10.217 million by 3.95, it would be 2.586.

Since Germany carried out 3.147 million tests instead of 2.586 million, Germany carried out 21.69% more tests than the USA.

The #trump argument is again incorrect. Either he is uninformed, cannot calculate or he lies deliberately to save his head somehow.

Trump is becoming a super-chaotic.

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