Die Gemeinsamkeiten von Trump, AFD, Republikanern, Mercer, EIKE, CFACT, Waffenlobby, Exxon und Fracking und Contra Nordstream2

Frage an Alle: „Welche wesentlichen Unterschiede gibt es eigentlich zwischen #Trump mit den #Republikanern und der deutschen #AFD?

Wir glauben es gibt keinen nennenswerten Unterschied, außer, dass #Trump für die #USA ist und jede FakeNews postet und die #AFD eben in Deutschland jede FakeNews nutzt, um die deutsche Demokratie zu unterwandern.
Nicht umsonst muss die #AFD inzwischen in großen Teilen vom #Verfassungsschutz überwacht werden.
Wären die Vorfahren nicht von Deutschland in die USA ausgewandert, wäre Trump wahrscheinlich heute der #Redelsführer in der AFD.
Die Gemeinsamkeiten von #Trump und der AFD:

  • Trump und die AFD können nur poltern und Killerphrasen veröffentlichen.
  • Beide argumentieren grundsätzlich mit der gleichen Art und Weise
  • AFD und Trump schimpfen nicht gegeneinander
  • AFD und Trump haben freundschaftliche Kontakte
  • AFD und Trumps Republikaner sind für Waffenlobby und gegen Umweltschutz. #Exxon bezahlt und auch die #Waffenlobby gehören zu den großen Spendern der #Republikanischen Partei.
    Die Verbindungen von AFD gehen zu EIKE rüber über den großen Teich in die USA.
    EIKE NENNT SICH OFFIZIELL „Europäische Institut für Klima & Energie e. V.“ und ist in den Maßgeblichen Funktionen von Funktionären der AFD gesteuert. EIKE ist KEIN wissenschaftliches Institut, sondern eine Propagandamaschine gegen den Umweltschutz (s. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europ%C3%A4isches_Institut_f%C3%BCr_Klima_%26_Energie ).

Es bestehen unter anderem enge Verbindungen zu bedeutenden US-Klimawandelleugnern, insbesondere zu #CFACT und dem #Heartland #Institute.

Das Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (kurz #CFACT oder #CfaCT; auf Deutsch Komitee für ein konstruktives Morgen) ist eine US-amerikanische #Lobbyorganisation, die mit dem CfaCT Europe eine 2004 gegründete Tochterorganisation in Europa mit Sitz in Jena (Thüringen, Deutschland) hat.

CFACT gilt als einer der Akteure der organisierten #Klima-Leugner-Szene,die sowohl die menschengemachte globale Erwärmung als auch die Folgen der globalen Erwärmung öffentlich leugnet und in ihrer Lobbyarbeit unter anderem von der Erdölindustrie finanziell unterstützt wird.

Die #Erdölindustrie gehört neben der #Waffenlobby und #Robert #Mercer ( s. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Mercer
zu den Hauptsponsoren von den #Republikanern und #Trump.

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    hier weitere Infos zu Robert Mercer :
  • https://www.zeit.de/2017/10/robert-mercer-hedgefond-manager-donald-trump-einfluss/seite-2
  • http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/der-milliardaer-hinter-breitbart-hedgefonds-manager-robert-mercer-15388488.html






Und auch 2020–>

Robert Mercer starts big money effort for Trump and RNC after cutting back support


Künstliche Intelligenz unterstützt heute die meisten Fondsmanager.

30.04.2020 · Mercer, ein Clinton- Hasser, hatte in seine Villa auf dem traumhaften … Tochter Rebekah auch Trumps Wahlkampfmanager Steve Bannon, …


  • Das Establishment hinter den Rechtspopulisten https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.heise.de/amp/tp/features/Das-Establishment-hinter-den-Rechtspopulisten-3808760.html

Trump – against China and Governors and who.

Against #China and #governors

What is it about #Trump’s #allegations?
The current #US #president wants to be re-elected in November. COST IT WHAT IT WANTS!
How Trump is covering up his own mistakes in his own politics and looking for the guilty elsewhere.

US- # President #Trump starts again at #China at his daily # Corona # press conference. But he also criticizes the # governors in his own country – and praises his own # government exuberantly. But what is his utterance about?

US President #Donald #Trump has held China responsible for the worldwide spread of the #Corona virus and has defended its own government against any criticism. „It could have been stopped in China,“ Trump said at his daily press conference at the White House on Saturday. „It didn’t happen and the whole world is suffering because of it.“

The # president accused the government of failing in #Peking. However, Trump found much praise for his own handling of the pandemic. „The rest of the world looks at us and they respect what we did,“ said the #Republican. „I know that nobody else could have done what we did.“ He called criticism of his course a „witch hunt“. But what is his allegation about – and what is it about his statements?

Who records the most dead?
Trump was convinced on Saturday evening that China and not the United States had the highest number of deaths in the pandemic.
This contradicts official statistics that most victims locate in the United States. „We are not first, China is first,“ said the President.
According to an overview by Johns Hopkins University – which is based on data from other sources – more than 4,300 people have died in China as a result of the pandemic. Recently, China had surprisingly corrected the death toll in Wuhan – by as much as 50 percent.

There are now around 35,000 fatalities in the United States, more than in any other country in the world. The coordinator of the Corona working group of the White House, the medical doctor Deborah Birx, said at the press conference with regard to the information from China that it was „unrealistic“. Trump said, „Does anyone really believe these numbers?“ However, he did not provide any evidence.

Quarrel with the governors
Trump again attacked Democratic governors in the states. His government has provided respiratory equipment to affected states and increased hospital beds there, he said. There is also sufficient testing capacity that the governors just did not use.

However, several Democratic and Republican governors continue to complain about a lack of nationwide tests that are prerequisite for Trump’s gradual reopening of the economy. For example, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Saturday: „Testing will continue to be an issue.“ DeSantis is actually a loyal supporter of Trump. With the democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Trump recently delivered a verbal remote duel.
Criticism of Trump’s Corona reaction a „witch hunt“?
Trump compared criticism of his government in the crisis to the FBI’s Russian investigation into whether his campaign team had made secret arrangements with Russia. Investigators found no evidence of this in their report presented last year. „This shouldn’t be a partisan witch hunt like the Russia witch hunt,“ Trump said on Saturday night.

Critics currently accuse Trump of wanting to distract from their own omissions before the presidential election in November and are therefore looking for scapegoats. On Tuesday, Trump had temporarily stopped US contributions to WHO. He made the organization responsible for the many deaths in the crisis and accused it of exacerbating the epidemic with mismanagement and reliance on information from China.

„Free Michigan!“
Trump resisted criticism for fueling protests against corona virus containment measures in democratically governed U.S. states. „Some have totally overdone it,“ Trump said, referring to the governors. On Friday, Trump had capitalized „Free Michigan!“, „Free Minnesota!“ and „Free Virginia!“ written. On Saturday there were again demonstrations against the protective measures in several states – democratically and republican-ruled.

On Saturday, for example, a car convoy protested in Maryland’s capital, Annapolis. The state is governed by Republican Governor Larry Hogan, who refuses to relax measures as the number of infections increases – which is in line with the White House guidelines. Protester Charles Rex told Fox News: „This is absolutely ridiculous. People have to go back to work.“ Protester Janet Baker said, „I want the constitution to be protected and appreciated again.“
The protesters get a lot of airtime on conservative US channels like Fox News, but they are a tiny minority – mostly just a few dozen people protesting in their respective states. According to a poll released by the Pew research institute on Thursday, 66 percent of Americans are concerned that states may lift protective measures too soon. Around 73 percent fear that the worst is yet to come in the USA. And 65 percent think Trump reacted too late to the threat. This could be a problem for Trump: he wants to be re-elected for a second term in November.

Trump and his followers‘ mistakes:

  1. Abolition of Obamacare
  2. At least 50 million Americans without health insurance before the crisis

No.1 and No.2 are responsible for the fact that many Americans do not seek treatment. According to current estimates, the number of non-insured persons will increase to 65 million Americans

  1. Enforcing import duties, making many items more expensive for American consumers.

Import tariffs are designed to protect American companies by making American products more competitive. So much for theory.
In practice, however, it is the case that other countries then also react with import duties, which means that American goods abroad also find fewer customers.
In addition to the fact that trade wars then arise, this leads to rising trade prices.
This was also one of the reasons for the Great Depression in 1929.

Trump laid the foundations for a global economic crisis with his „First America“.
Foreclosure from other countries also leads to mutual isolation and the promotion of envy.

International cooperation is thereby damaged, particularly in certain areas.

The takeover attempt by a German company (development of a vaccine) is a noteworthy example.
Trump wanted to take over the company CureVac (https://www.curevac.com) and secure exclusive rights for America. The company owner and also the employees decidedly rejected this.
If a vaccine is available, it will not only be available to Americans, but to everyone.
Even a billion dollar offer could not convince the owner.
Trump must have learned that not everything can be bought through money (https://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/2020-03/coronavirus-impfstoff-curevac-deutsche-firma-usa-rechte).

  1. Promotion of the gun lobby:
    In no other country – except in the United States – is the gun lobby protected as in the United States. And the best deal is when uncertainty is spread.
    Trump is a grand master here.

The call to boycott the instructions from the governors to the respective population in individual states is also a kind of uncertainty for the population.
Especially when thousands of people die and are infected.
Trump & Co (for example, his son, representing Trump as well as Robert A. Mercer and the daughter Rebekah Mercer) make a significant contribution to every crisis (for example through share ownership in the arms industry or hedge funds)

  1. Promotion of fracking:
    In controversial fracking, a mixture of water, sand and chemicals is pressed into the ground under high pressure in order to break up impermeable layers of rock and to extract the natural gas or oil contained therein.
    However, the fact that
  • chemical substances are released into the rock that contaminate the groundwater
  • Oil production is more expensive than regular oil production.
    Fracking is therefore more expensive and is largely pre-financed by financial institutions.
    If the oil price were to drop in the long term, fracking would not work profitably and would drive some financial investors into bankruptcy.
    This initially affects financial investors, including some fund companies and fracking companies in the United States.
    Fracking oil sales to other countries are less interesting because of the higher transportation costs.

The corona crisis leads to less energy consumption. As a result, oil and gasoline prices have dropped. For a long time, the OPEC countries also did not agree on the extent to which production volumes are limited.
This led to an extreme price collapse in the oil sector and thus in gasoline or diesel.
There is now agreement on the limitation, but not a good sign for fracking if you look at the prices.
In January the price was around $ 69, at its lowest point at the end of March at 23 and now at $ 28.25 (Brent).

This is another grind, why Trump wants to open everything immediately.

Everything open fills the Trump & Co. family’s coffers
And his re-election also seems safer to him. And if not, then his son has made a wonderful living for him.
Although he can no longer spend the money in his remaining life.

Especially since many lawyers are increasingly seeing that Trump may have to remain in prison for a few more years.
The call to boycott some states is just one of his crimes

What trumps Trump causes until November can only make you worry.

Trump should also be treated with caution when it comes to his personality.
This also applies to many narcissistic, selfish people who put their individual personality above the well-being of all people and use other people exclusively for their purposes.
In this respect, one can only hope that Trump will not be re-elected and that he hopefully will not contribute to the fact that small civil wars are still occurring in the United States.
For example, Robert A. Mercer would benefit from this.

Weltdemokratie bei FACEBOOK

Donald Trum – Ein Menschenverachter seines eigenen Volkes?

Bild könnte enthalten: Essen

(Die deutsche Fassung ist weiter unten)

Donald Trump:I make my world widewidewitt – as I like it.

Here is the chronicle of when Trump said something about the corona virus ……

– January 22nd (CNBC interview – the day before, the first corona case in the US became known):“We have it completely under control. It is a person who comes from China and we have it under control. Everything will be fine.“

– January 30th (in Michigan – On this day, the WHO declared the spread of the virus an „international health emergency“):“We have a very small problem in this country right now – five. And all these people are recovering successfully.“

February 10 (in the Fox Business Interview):“You know that April is supposed to die with the hotter weather. And that is a wonderful date to look forward to.“

February 26 (in a press briefing on the number of US corona cases):“We are going down considerably, not upwards.“

February 26 (in press briefing):“It’s kind of like the normal flu we’re vaccinated against, and in principle we’re going to get a flu shot pretty quickly.“

March 6 (when visiting Atlanta):“I like this stuff. I really understand it. People are surprised that I understand it. Each of these doctors said, ‚How do you know so much about it?‘ Maybe I’m a natural. Maybe I should have done it instead of running as president. „

March 9 (on Twitter):“The fake news media and its partners, the Democratic Party, are doing everything in their half-way power (it used to be bigger!) To fuel the corona situation more than the facts show.“

March 15 (in press briefing):“It’s a highly contagious virus. Incredible. But we have tremendous control over it.“

March 17 (in press briefing):“I always knew it was a pandemic. I felt that it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.“
March 28 (on Twitter):“WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. If we win, we will be stronger and more united than before.“

March 29 (upcoming deaths):“If we can contain it so that we have between 100,000 and 200,000, then we have all done a good job together.“

April 1 (Almost 190,000 US infections became known the day before):“This hideous, hideous virus. You see how terrible it is, especially when you look at yesterday’s numbers.“

April 3 (on the recommendation to wear cloth masks for protection):“It is voluntary. […] I decided not to do it.“

7th of April:
„The WHO really screwed it up.“

April 8 (in the Fox News interview about possible easing):
„I would like to open with a big bang, a beautiful country, and just open.“

If you read the words of the American President Trump and consider the respective times, then you have to ask yourself whether:

– President Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s / dementia

– he lies ice cold and thinks his people have dementia or Alzheimer’s

– He believes that his people just want to hear what he says and his people are just stupid.

You can’t sell your people even more brutally for being stupid.

Does his people let this go on with them? It’s hard to imagine that his people would mostly re-elect him.

No question Trump is not to blame for the Sars Cov-2 coronavirus, but the way he behaves as a super-god shouldn’t be accepted by a people.

In addition, the measures that Trump has implemented in the past 3 years take revenge.

The health care reform that left 50 million Americans without health insurance was just as harmful as „America FIRST“, because many Americans will die without outside help. There is a lack of masks and developments.


Text in GERMAN:

#Donald #Trump: „#Ich mache mir die Welt, widewidewitt – wie sie mir gefällt.“

Hier einmal die Chronik, wann Trump was beim Thema Coronavirus gesagt hat……

– 22. Januar (CNBC-Interview – Am Vortag war der erste Corona-Fall in den USA bekannt geworden):

„Wir haben es völlig unter Kontrolle. Es ist eine Person, die aus China kommt, und wir haben es unter Kontrolle. Es wird alles gut werden.“

– 30. Januar (in Michigan – An diesem Tag erklärt die WHO die Ausbreitung des Virus zur „gesundheitlichen Notlage von internationaler Tragweite“):
„Wir haben in diesem Land im Moment ein sehr kleines Problem – fünf. Und all diese Menschen erholen sich erfolgreich.“

10. Februar (im Fox-Business-Interview):
„Sie wissen, dass es im April angeblich mit dem heißeren Wetter stirbt. Und das ist ein wunderbares Datum, auf das man sich freuen kann.“

26. Februar (in Pressebriefing über die Zahl der US-Corona-Fälle):“Bei uns geht es ganz erheblich nach unten, nicht nach oben.“

26. Februar (in Pressebriefing): „Es ist in etwa wie die normale Grippe, gegen die wir Impfungen haben. Und im Prinzip werden wir dafür ziemlich schnell eine Grippeimpfung bekommen.“

6. März (bei Besuch in Atlanta):
„Ich mag dieses Zeug. Ich verstehe es wirklich. Die Leute sind überrascht, dass ich es verstehe. Jeder dieser Ärzte sagte: ‚Woher wissen Sie so viel darüber?‘ Vielleicht bin ich ein Naturtalent. Vielleicht hätte ich das tun sollen, anstatt als Präsident zu kandidieren.“

9. März (auf Twitter): „Die Fake-News-Medien und ihre Partner, die Demokratische Partei, tun alles in ihrer halbwegs beachtlichen Macht (früher war sie größer!), um die Corona-Lage stärker anzuheizen, als die Fakten es hergeben.“

15. März (in Pressebriefing):
„Es ist ein hochansteckendes Virus. Unglaublich. Aber wir haben eine ungeheure Kontrolle darüber.“

17. März (in Pressebriefing):
„Ich habe immer gewusst, dass das eine Pandemie ist. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass es eine Pandemie ist, lange bevor es als Pandemie bezeichnet wurde.“

28. März (auf Twitter):
„WIR WERDEN DIESEN KRIEG GEWINNEN. Wenn wir den Sieg erringen, werden wir stärker und geeinter sein als zuvor.“

29. März (über bevorstehende Todesfälle):
„Wenn wir es so eindämmen können […], dass wir zwischen 100.000 und 200.000 haben, dann haben wir alle zusammen einen guten Job gemacht.“

1. April (Am Vortag wurden fast 190.000 US-Infektionen bekannt):
„Dieses scheußliche, scheußliche Virus. Sie sehen, wie schrecklich es ist, vor allem, wenn Sie sich die Zahlen von gestern anschauen.“

3. April (über die Empfehlung, Stoffmasken zum Schutz zu tragen):
„Das ist freiwillig. […] Ich habe mich entschieden, es nicht zu tun.“

7. April:
„Die WHO hat es wirklich vermasselt.“

8. April (im Fox-News-Interview über mögliche Lockerungen):
„Ich würde am liebsten mit einem großen Knall eröffnen, ein schönes Land, und einfach öffnen.“

——-Wenn man die Worte des amerikanischen Präsidenten Trump liest und dazu die jeweiligen Zeitpunkte beachtet, dann muss man sich schon fragen, ob:

– der Präsident Trump an Alzheimer / Demenz leidet

– er eiskalt lügt und meint sein Volk hat Demenz oder Alzheimer

– er die Auffassung vertritt, dass sein Volk einfach nur das hören will, was er sagt und sein Volk ist einfach dumm.

Noch brutaler kann man sein Volk nicht für dumm verkaufen.

Lässt sein Volk das mit sich weiter machen? Kaum vorstellbar, dass sein Volk überwiegend ihn wieder wählt.

Keine Frage, Trump ist nicht schuld am Coronavirus Sars Cov-2, aber die Art und Weise, wie er sich als Übergott verhält, sollte ein Volk nicht hinnehmen.

Im Übrigen rächen sich die Maßnahmen, die Trump in den letzten 3 Jahren umgesetzt hat.
Die Gesundheitsreform, die dafür gesorgt hat, dass 50 Mio. Amerikaner keine Krankenversicherung haben war genauso schädlich, wie „America FIRST“, denn ohne fremde Hilfe werden viele Amerikaner zusätzlich sterben. Es mangelt an Masken und Entwicklungen.