Donald Trump – The psychoanalysis of a psychopath or a selfish, narcissistic man on the brink?

Trump – Transactional Analysis and Analysis of His Character – The psychologist Dan McAdams, who put George W. Bush on the couch in a book, tried in the same magazine to insert the personality traits of Trump into the scheme of the Big Five, a largely accepted classification of the human Psyche in the fields of neuroticism, extraversion, tolerance, conscientiousness and openness. Most people are somewhere in the middle for the five traits.

Not like Trump, as McAdams found out when analyzing texts, interviews and appearances of Trump over several decades: “Throughout his life, Trump has exhibited character traits that one would not expect in a US president: sky-high extroversion combined with such a thing low tolerance that it breaks the standards. „

Compatibility describes the warmth that a person exudes towards others, affection, altruism, empathy and modesty. In other words, everything that makes us sympathetic and agreeable when dealing with others and of which Trump has next to nothing. A long-time „friend“, whom Trump simply dropped while he was seriously ill in the hospital, once said: „He pisses off ice water.“ For him, relationships are a means to an end.

Bossy and infinitely resentful
His extroversion makes Trump a good communicator, a catcher, driven all his life by a hunger for recognition. At the same time, he does not enter into a deeper relationship with people, but serves them up when they are no longer useful to him. He is able to stalk with his anger people who have criticized him or who refused to give him what he asked for for years.
His consistent character becomes clear in the book by Mary Trump. Donald Trump is a dangerous narcissist.

Also in the model of the transaction analysis according to Dr. Eric Berne and the easily understandable literature by Thomas A. Harris – “I am o.k. – You’re ok „, Trump finds his place as a psychopath with narcissistic traits.
Intelligence is not one of the characteristics here, but what has been learned from father Fred Trump.
When studying Donald Trump’s life path, many of that person’s activities are often visible in advance.
So it was this time when he was tested for Covid-19.
At first he had kept the positive test result secret.
Trump wanted to collect money at a fundraising gala.
It was macabre that the small donors were welcomed outdoors by Trump and the large donors were received in closed rooms. Probably Rebekah and Robert Mercer were there too.
This was macabre because Trump knew that he had tested positive and the 2nd indoor reception.

It is not known whether his major donors were enthusiastic about it in retrospect.

Trump had also carried out other events without restriction.

It was only after he had breathing problems himself and was also receiving artificial ventilation that he was a little afraid for his life.
Because he then asked: „Do I have to die now?“

Only then did he come to the military hospital. The supply was carried out with a special mix:
Remdesivir, steroids, vitamins, hormones, antibodies: the list of substances in Trump’s treatment is long.
As a result, many of the symptoms were suppressed and he felt a little better, but only by suppressing the symptoms. The risk of infection (positive test) was still there.
Remdesivir can shorten the treatment time, but by a maximum of 4 days.
The treatment time is on average 15-20 days, i.e. 11 days in the shortest possible time.
How Trump should be healthy again in 4 days can only be explained by the fact that he is not yet healthy after the hospital stay (i.e. still positive) and was sick for a few days before and has kept it secret.

Trump says he now knows everything about the virus. „The virus is just like the flu, you don’t have to be afraid.“

Any medical professional who hears this has to question the state of mind of Donald Trump.

Trump is pursuing his narcissistic goal, no matter what the cost.
And so it would not be surprising if he scared Biden on October 15, saying that Trump would come very close to Biden or even try to hug him.
For Trump it would be wonderful to put Biden out of action in the final phase by Covid-19.

Trump knows that if he loses the election, there are so many things to deal with.
Because there are many legitimate allegations that may also include criminal acts.
For example:

  • the tax returns with tax evasion
  • Bank fraud with bogus documents to check creditworthiness
  • Loans in Germany (Deutsche Bank)
  • Loans in Russia
  • Employment relationships that do not exist
  • What assets does Trump really have after deducting all debts?
  • Is it more of a bankruptcy that the banks are all concealing at the moment so that major problems do not arise? This was already an identical situation with the casinos in Atlantik City.

The list of assumptions should certainly be supplemented by a few points.

Mr. Trump – it‘s time to say Good Bye

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