Mr. #President #Trump – „#It‘s #time #to #say #Good #Bye“ #Coronavirus #Covid_19

Mr. #President #Trump – „#It‘s #time #to #say #Good #Bye“ #Coronavirus #Covid_19

Incompetence and #ignorance

The #corona #virus #kills #Trump’s political style

What no democrat or #impeachment #procedure could do is now creating a deadly disease: seriously jeopardizing the re-election of the US president. Trump’s human and political deficits have never been as evident as in the Corona Virus era.

Visibly ill, Heidi Klum announced last Friday: „I really don’t feel well and asked two doctors to test me for #coronavirus – but there are simply no tests.“ Even if it was not meant as a criticism – the 46-year-old is one of those who do not use her fame for political statements – her message revealed the debacle of the American coronavirus crisis. While Asia, South America, Australia and Europe are tightening their protective measures, until recently not even a prominent businesswoman like Klum in the USA managed to get an examination for the fatal disease. Because there were (and still are) far too few tests nationwide, which are the prerequisite for detecting infection chains and specifically imposing quarantines.

The United States, the richest country in the world, let weeks pass unused before reacting – and this is mainly due to Donald Trump’s cap. The self-proclaimed savior of America, like climate change, showed himself to be a master of denial of reality, stood by and stood by, turning away and playing down. Health Minister Alex Azar spoke to his boss about Corona in January, but the White House ruler preferred to talk about how to deal with e-cigarettes.
Trump: „America is growing and growing“

At the World Economic Forum in Davos at the end of January, Trump intoxicated himself again: „America is growing and thriving.“ Subtext: Which of course is only thanks to my great pike. Oh yes, the virus: „We have it under control.“ Once again, the US president bleated something out into the world without being even informed. At that point in time, there were long dead in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) had set up a crisis meeting and virologists were certain that the virus could be transmitted from person to person.

But Trump still hasn’t understood that politics is hard work and you need to find out more. The Corona crisis was over in April at the latest, „if it gets a little warmer“ – clearly. Trump once again showed himself immune to the reality that his imagination threatens from – in just three years – newly created great America. Trump is narcissistic as he is in the criticism-resistant and anti-science bubble he created to maintain his own image of the greatest of all American presidents since Lincoln. He spoke of „dizziness“ – and as always his followers followed him. Just a few days ago, Trump fans thought the virus was an invention of the Democrats to harm their idolized Superman.

At some point, even Trump found that the situation was serious and that his re-election could be at risk, put on a baseball cap, showed that he had switched to crisis manager mode, and imposed an entry ban on Europeans. His attempt to scapegoat for his failure is ridiculous. He showed what an anti-social Egomane Trump is when he tried to secure medical know-how from Germany exclusively for the USA.

Because he, the withdrawn, has lost all of his down-to-earthness, Trump didn’t even feel foolish to celebrate the biggest jump in the stock market’s share price in the history of the country in capital letters on Twitter last Friday – but without referring to that in the days before Investors had lost unimaginable billion sums. The reality is not Trump’s thing if it doesn’t fit into his stuff. „We have enormous control over the virus,“ he said recently. And: „No country is better prepared and equipped to deal with this crisis.“ Anthony Fauci, head of the National Center for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, describes the level of prevention in this way : „It’s a weakness, let’s admit it.“ And: „The worst is yet to come.“

Trump: „We have the greatest experts in the world“
What is new for Trump is that he is dealing with an opponent whose means do not work. He cannot insult him on Twitter in order to gather his own followers behind emotions and gut feelings. With the supposed „Crooked Hillary“ this might work. But a virus cannot be twittered out of the world and cannot be stopped by a wall. That makes an ice-cold stop in the United States on his world tour. Numbers of infected and dead people are not a matter of interpretation, they cannot be turned into alternative facts. Trump can sow doubts about climate change – the images from Italy and China show the bitter truth of the corona virus.

Trump is now dependent on the ones he usually kicks in the bin: the media. Now they should educate and warn. Suddenly, the science Trump ignores or despises and ridicules climate change is his best friend: „We have the greatest experts in the world.“ So that means: In America, only dilettantes are at work in climate research, but the USA is number one internationally when it comes to fighting a pandemic.

Trump recently said about the increase in diseases: „I want the numbers to stay as they are.“ Everyone wants that. Only when the US President says such sentences, on the one hand, do they reveal the extent of his ignorance and ignorance about the crisis. And on the other hand, it is not just a very understandable wish, but an omnipotence that is typical of Trump.
Falsification of facts, lies, emotionalization, delusion of persecution, mistrust, ignorance, incompetence paired with disinterest and stupidity, wishful thinking combined with denial of reality: all of this is part of Trump’s nature and political strategy. What no democrat, no impeachment procedure and no celebrity has managed to do is now creating a deadly virus. It attacks or kills Trump’s political style – and hopefully costs him re-election.